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***Warning***: If you are over 21 and still want to grow taller get a bone scan and find out if your growth plates are still open before purchasing this book.

Most Grow Taller Websites will try to convince you that there is some magic way of still growing regardless of your age or growth plate closure. If you have seen many "Grow Taller" Books you will know what I mean. Here at we are not trying to make a quick buck but rather help parents maximise their childrens height like I was able to do using my expertise in nutrition and other scientific knowledge I have gained over the last 30 years plus.


So Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me When It Comes To Growing Taller Children?

Dear Friend,

--------------- My name is Adam Smith and I am a 58 year old proud father of four "tall" boys. (I would have been proud of them either way). Just so you know I stand at 5"10 (five feet and ten inches) and my four boys are (from oldest to youngest) 6"2, 6"6, 6"4 and 6"7. My wife Susan is 5"3 and both her brothers are shorter than me. The reason I say this is because while some will argue that my children are genetically lucky I am willing to argue that how I brought them up had more to do with their final height than most people are aware of and willing to admit.

Let me explain, at the age of 18 I stood at 5"3 and started university as one of the shortest guys in the entire university. My first year in university was unsuccessful in so many ways. To begin with the only thing I achieved that first year was some kind of record for consecutive days of partying in a row (somewhere in the 62 day region I believe). I had always been intelligent and successful academically so the 40% pass mark set for most of our classes to pass the first year was not a problem. The problem was most of my grades were between 46% and 54% which was dissapointing for someone who had always prided themselves on academic achievement.

I knew I had to get serious in my second year and did. No more alcohol, no more partying. I went to bed and woke up early and at a set time daily. My exercise regime intensified as I got more energy and I even joined the university soccer team. I started drinking only water and even had one week where I ate only fruits ( I am not a vegetarian by any means but wanted to cleanse my body). A funny thing happened four weeks into my new regime. I started to grow taller and within 6 months I had reached the height of 5"8. After the age of 20 I grew another couple of inches and reached my current height of 5"10 sometime between the age of 22 and 23.

Ultimately I wrote this Book to share with others How To Maximise Their Child's Height But The Principles In This Book Will Increase Your Child's Health As Well

The principles I will present to you in the "The Science of Growing Taller Children" will help maximise your children's height and help maintain optimal health tremendously. One of the first things I learned is that a childs height cannot be maximised if they are not fully healthy (HGH and nutrition from food goes to healing and recovery rather than growth when health is absent). In "The Science of Growing Taller Children" you will learn to maximise your child's health ultimately their height through the right combination of Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep.

me and my 2 tall children (1st and 3rd sons)


While Genetics Is A Major Factor in Height Its Role In Final Height Has Been Exaggerated In the Past

Talking to some people you would think that genetics has 99.9% to 100% influence over a persons final height and that is that. Well that is false. Consider the following;

1) From between 1970 and 2000 the average height of Japanese men between 18 and 30 years of age increased from just under 5"6 to 5"8. In short the younger generation of Japanese men are considerably taller than their parents. This increase in height has been accompanied by an introduction of a more protein based westernized diet replacing the mainly carbohydrate and starch diet.

Meanwhile, during that same period the average height of American males aged 18-30 remained constant at 5"10

2) An experiment at the University of Florida took 20, fourteen to fifteen year old High School Students (who were considered short in their class) and gave them an exercise programme in addition to some supplements. The combination was known to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) secretion by over 700% during key periods such as sleep and after the exercise periods.

The result was an average growth rate of 2 inches per month. Think about it, that is 12 inches or 1 foot of growth within 6 months. While I do not advise giving a child the supplement combination (mentioned in the book) I will be showing 5 exercise regimes that will boost HGH production naturally.

Increase in HGH production will only lead to maximised height increase if the diet of the child provides the body with the right nutrients. (No worries, the best diets to eat are mentioned in this book)

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By the end of reading this Book;

- You will know what HGH is and why it is essential in maximising your child's final height.

- You will learn which hormones are HGH depressants (stop HGH from functioning in the body and increasing height to maximum effect) and what habits cause the release of HGH depressants.

- You will know why eating simple carbohydrates (like sweets, candy and chocolate) should be avoided during two key periods

- You will learn the right types of exercises for inducing increased HGH production by up to 500% of normal secretion rate. There are 5 exercise routines explained in the Book. One routine is similar to the one used by scientists to increase the heights of short high school students at the average rate of two inches per month. If this rate continued for 1 year a 4"11 child would end up 6"11 (just to highlight how fast this rate of growth is) While there HGH increase was 700% on their routine if you can get your child in a natural routine that increases HGH production by 300%+ you will see increased growth rate and it can be prolonged longer than the scientists routine with no side effects.

- You will discover which sleeping habits can increase HGH production by 50%-200% or cut it by 30%-70% (This is one of the simplest habits to start applying straight away if you have young children and is essential as teenagers break it often)

- You will know why what a mother eats during pregnancy may impact a childs final height almost as much as genetics

- You'll know essential vitamins and minerals missing in many western diets that facilitate growth.

- Why fat (especially unsaturated) is essential for a growing child to maximise their height. The best foods to find these foods in.

- You will discover 6 different exercises that will help produce over 300 - 500% boost in HGH production when done with the right intensity (I show you the right intensity needed)

- How multi-vitamins can be used to supplement a good diet for optimal health and maximised growth.

- Why exercising for too long a period is negative for maximising growth.

- Which foods to eat after exercise to maximise HGH production and facilitate growth.

- What foods to avoid after exercise and before sleep to ensure HGH increase is not wasted. Some foods limit HGH from being absorbed by the body at and ultimately slow growth.

- You will have a list of 6 things that need avoiding if your child's growth is to be maximised

- FACT; Most children have their most intense growth spurts during spring/summer - I explain why I believe this has more to do with activities and habits that are more likely to occur during the summer.

- Why it is essential that 2 to 3 days a week are rest days with no intense exercises or activities performed.

- 90%+ of growth occurs during sleep. 3 rules must be followed to maximise this period of growth. Two in particular will definately impact growth. The third has health benefits.

- Why there is no need to worry if your child is smallish into his/her early teens. Some children just have their growth spurt later than others. My family freinds child was 5"4 at 16 and now stands at 6"9 at 21 playing basketball at college. He followed the advice in this book without being discouraged and had a ridiculous growth spurt of 13 inches at the ages of 17 and 18.

- Why it is not necessiraly over at the ages of 18 and possibly at 21. I got my growth spurt between the ages of 19 and 22/23. (Not sure exactly when I stopped growing but it was definately after University)

- You will see why you only need to keep the rules presented in this book 60%-80% of the time (I know I did with my kids) to see significant results in height. Lets be honest when they become teenagers it becomes harder to get them to follow your advice.

- You will understand why keeping the information in this Book as an adult will keep you looking younger, give you more energy during the day and ensure you maintain a healthy weight.

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***Did you know that the average professional baseball players pitching arm is 2 inches longer than their other arm?***

Trust me this is not down to genetics but has more to do with environmental stress placed on the body. Now, the length of a persons arm is just over a third of your height so if the body can be influenced at a similar rate then this would be 5 to 6 inches of difference in height. So a 5"7 person would end up being 6"0 or 6"1 with the right environmental stress. For most people this is a significant difference. So therefore the body and ultimately height CAN be influenced by environmental stress.

Imagine 5, 10 or even 15 years down the line when all your children are towering over you. (especially your Boys I guess) and knowing they never have an inferior complex of any kind when it comes to their stature.

This Product is Guaranteed Because I Would Be Ashamed To Take Your Money If It Doesn't Work...

I realise that my product is a long term project which may take years to see results and so I am backing it up with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I am so confident that the information in this Book will work, not just scientifically but also from the experience of raising four children that I am giving a "Full 60 Day Money Back GUARANTEE". Return the Book and you will get all your money back.... No questions asked.

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Remember with this order you will also be getting 3 BONUS GIFTS. You will recieve with this order "Changes I Made To Grow Taller Aged 19 years old", "Raising Successful Children"; and "Raising Confident Children".

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You could start gaining the information that will have your children maximising their growth by clicking on the "BUY NOW" button and purchasing "The Science of Growing Taller Children".


So What Price Would You Pay For Your Children To be Tall and Healthy?

Option 1; $30,000 - $150,000 for very painful and risky surgical procedures

Option 2; $50 - $600 every month for at least 3 to 4 months for "Grow Taller" supplements that don't even work...

Option 3; $10,000+ for HGH injections which are likely to effect natural HGH secretion in the long term.

So how much would you pay for something that ACTUALLY WORKED?

Unlike other "Grow Taller" products "Grow Taller Children" works for the simple fact that it is designed for children (you know, the humans that are still growing). This is one gift your children and grand-children will keep with them for their lives. I am introducing this product at a special offer price for a month. Once the month is up the price will go up. So order your copy of "Grow Taller Children" now for


Order within the next month and get my special introductory price of $47. After this the price will go up to $77 and after that even more.The truth is I want to limit the amounts of this Book sold. After all my children may not be considered so tall if every other child is 6"6.

The Book is downloadable to your computer in a PDF format so within 3 minutes of purchase you will have the information before you on your computer. Purchase now and gain advantage for your children in the area of height and health

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Should you have any questions, comments or problems downloading the book. Contact me at the following email address;